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Why a FREE BLOGGING SYSTEM Probably Isnt The Best Choice

There is a massive number of people who are looking for a way to earn income online.

If that is something you have thought about, then this article is for you!


Why a Free Blogging Site Probably Isn’t The Best Choice


When you post content on a site that owned by another company like or, you are putting your content in “someone else’s hands” so you don’t control what happens to that content.

What if for some reason the company decides they don’t like your content? For example, they may say you are in violation of their terms of service….which can and has happened to me. You can get your site shut down.

So if you are blogging for money, what is the best solution?




A self-hosted or another blog.  This is where you buy your very own hosting account through a company like and then you install a wordpress blog or another blog that is hosted on your account.


You own the hosting account so you get to control it.

This is safer, especially is you are going to be blogging for business.


This can be very technical.

Learning the functionality can be time intensive, learning how to navigate what widgets and plugins are, etc.

This can be expensive – especially if you want someone to develop it for you




A blogging system that is very Internet Marketer friendly.

We are in the process of  launching a BRAND NEW platform that is expected to dominate all other blogging systems for several reasons.

  1. Goal is providing a blogging solution for ALL bloggers (business owners, bloggers, etc.)
  2. “Grandma Proof”…so easy to get STARTED.
  3. Super easy to USE and UPDATE.
  4. You will be able to UPLOAD AUDIO/VIDEO FILES in a click
  5. You can “RE-BLOG” another post that you enjoy and want to share with your audience.
  6. You can MONETIZE it… can promote your business & products. But in addition to that, whoever decides to use the same blogging system, you will earn 100% commissions (which range from $25-$125 monthly residual to $3000 per person ).



There’s a lot of money in blogging (income disclosure right here:

Just make sure you are with the right mentor and team and system.




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