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Tutorial: Column Shortcodes for Genesis Theme Plugin

Here is a great option of creating nice, lined columns instead of having to fiddle with HTML editor.  This plugin takes care of that and requires only that you install the plugin, and use the following code in your page/post to achieve what you want.  Easy Peasy!

columns shortcode for genesis theme plugin

Watch the video tutorial below.

Click HERE for the Plugin.

This works for 1/2 columns to 1/6 columns.  There have been spaces placed between the brackets and wording so as not to execute the plugin when I publish this page.  So be sure to remove the spacing between.  See the Picture below to illustrate there are NO spacesbetween the square brackets.

For instance, this is exactly what you are going to type to make two columns (just remove the space between the brackets):

[ one-half first ]text in first column [ end-column ] [ one-half ]text in second column[ end-column ]

* [ one-half first ] [ end-column ] and then [ one-half ] [ end-column ]
* [ one-third first ] [ end-column ] and then  [ one-third ] [ end-column ]
* [ one-fourth first ] [ end-column ] and then [ one-fourth ] [ end-column ]
* [ one-fifth first ] [ end-column ] and then [ one-fifth ] [ end-column ]
* [ one-sixth first ] [ end-column ] and then [ one-sixth ] [ end-column ]


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