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The Pile of Garbage & Rat Analogy

Imagine you have a pile of garbage.

Now when you have a pile of garbage, it normally attracts a lot of rats!

So what do we do?

We get rat poison.

Once we do that, the rats are certainly gone….but eventually, the rats will come back, because the garbage is still there.

What’s The Issue?

When you look at this scenario, you generally look at the ISSUE…which is the rats.

The rats is what we want to get rid of right away because that’s what we notice right away.

What’s the CORE Issue?

We we don’t see, is the CORE ISSUE in this scenario…which is THE GARBAGE.

Because once we get rid of the garbage completely, the rats will never come back.

Here’s An Example

Let’s use Weight Loss as an example.  What is your issue?  Weight.

What is the rat poison?  Going on a Diet.

What soon happens?  Well, since we haven’t address the CORE ISSUE, 97% of diets fail.  And the weight comes back on..

What do you do?

You need to identify you CORE ISSUE, address it, and get rid of the pile of garbage!




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