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How To Trim/Cut Your YouTube Video Inside of YouTube

I am doing a 90-Days of Truth Challenge in which these videos are only 15 seconds long.

It has been a GREAT way to share a snippet about me and people are really getting to know who I really am!

And since I’m an attraction marketing coach, I recommend EVERYONE who has an online business to consider doing one too!

Unfortunately, when I first started, I was going to the trouble of inserting my “intro” videos and now I wish I hadn’t.

Who wants to watch a 10 second intro when the video itself is only 15 seconds?

However, I also didn’t want to delete the video because it was in order on my playlist and I have already generate a few looks and engagement on them.

Thankfully, there is a way around that!

Watch below:

CLICK HERE  SaveFrom.netto look at my 90-Days of Truth Playlist (they are only 15 seconds long)  :)

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