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Day 1 Alaska Trip – Traveling and Hanging in Anchorage

Hello Friends!

This is day 1 of a 14-day journey to Alaska!  I took videos and pictures and most days, I have a personalized video in which I’m (hopefully) sharing something inspirational.

You see, I’ve committed to doing a 90-day video challenge and I am now more than half way through.  I’ll expand on that later…but for now, let me just say that I’m learning a TON about myself.

About The Trip

This trip was a commitment we made over a year ago.  We have a group of Kansas City friends that are going with us.  The tour group is through a company called Holiday Vacations who is a 5 star touring company!  We got a tour director, a luxury bus to scoot us around during the land excursions, and a detailed itinerary that will leave us no time to lollygag.

This trip consists of starting in Anchorage, visiting sites around this town, then heading to Denali National Park, Fairbanks, traveling the Alaska Highway in Canada, doing an amazing railway ride through amazing mountain scenery (and skinny bridges) into Skagway, then boarding a luxurious Holland American cruise ship which includes cruising through Glacier Bay National Park, the inside passage of British Columbia, making a stop in Ketchikan (the salmon capitol of the world), and ending up in Seattle, Washington.

The Day Starts

Our day started by waking up at 3:30 am.  We had to leave by 4:15 to make our 6:20am flight.  We are BLESSED to have our neighbors, George & Mimi Deel, be going on the trip along with us.  One reason is because they are so much fun to hang out with and Mimi is a shopping guru.  I swear, she can sniff out the best deals anywhere!  The other reason is their son was our driver so we didn’t have to worry about driving.  Woo hoo!

We get to the airport, almost everyone is there, we meet up with Deb (our tour director), and we get checked in.  Everything was quite seamless and moving along smoothly.  Our plane takes off, we watch a couple movies on the ipad, and before we know it, we are preparing to land.

 My hubby….apparently the plane ride was very relaxing!










After we landed, we all got onto our “luxury cruise bus” and headed to our hotel!


Michelle in the Hotel Lobby


In the Room


Then we did some sightseeing around Anchorage







This is the visitors center



Check out the grass on the roof!


 The flowers are gorgeous (made me miss mine)!




Check out the sun at 11:00PM!


And finally, my video post for the day!



Thanks for watching!

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You were meant for greatness,

Michelle Grigsby

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