How To Download Instagram Video to Computer

I’m using my Instagram app to create a video for my “90 Days of Truth” Challenge”. But….before I share it onto my YouTube Channel, there may be days I want to add some more content than the “15 second limit” that you have with your Instagram videos.   I also like to add my swanky […]

Marketing Tip: How to Establish Relationships using FORM

How to Establish Relationships using FORM – Building Rapport (101) This is something that so many people aren’t doing…and it’s absolutely essential! How to get to know someone, building rapport, using FORM. FORM is something I learned about in the VERY FIRST training video with my primary company. It tells you how to get to know someone and […]

Why Are SEO Slug So Important and What Are They?

WHAT ARE SEO SLUGS? Seo slugs are a feature in your wordpress dashboard that allows you to customize the name of your post for Google to find you and index your site. Slugs are VERY IMPORTANT if you want to rank for a certain keyword or keyword phrase. So, I did a fast video tutorial […]

Tutorial: Column Shortcodes for Genesis Theme Plugin

Here is a great option of creating nice, lined columns instead of having to fiddle with HTML editor.  This plugin takes care of that and requires only that you install the plugin, and use the following code in your page/post to achieve what you want.  Easy Peasy! Watch the video tutorial below. Click HERE for […]

How To Make Embedded Videos Autoplay On Your Blog

Make embedded videos autoplay: Adding the autoplay feature is a great way to get more leads for your business!  You may have notice the very first time you visited my website, you may remember that I had a pop-up opt-in box appear.   I also have that same box pop-up every 5 page loads.  Well, […]