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How To Stop Notifications On Facebook (Tutorial)

Tired of getting Notifications every time someone posts in one of your Facebook Groups that you are part of? Here’s a quick way to pick and choose which posts you want to receive notifications on! (If you found this of value – I’m going to start offering FREE Internet Marketing Trainings – contact me to […]

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FACEBOOK TRAINING REPLAY: How To Find Laser Targeted Leads

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How To Send a Voice Message on Facebook

Want to see a really cool FREE Marketing Facebook tool? This is a quick tutorial on how to send a voice message on Facebook! A couple weeks ago, I was checking my messages in Facebook and I’m not going to lie…one message stood out above the rest! It was a RECORDED VOICE MESSAGE.   And […]

How To Download Your 15 Second Video From Instagram to PC and MORE!!!

This is a tutorial on How to Download a video from Instagram on the Computer, upload it to YouTube, and add it to a Playlist…and then I show you how to share that video inside a playlist to give you maximum exposure! What prompted me to do this tutorial? Well, this “90 Days of Truth” […]

How To Trim/Cut Your YouTube Video Inside of YouTube

I am doing a 90-Days of Truth Challenge in which these videos are only 15 seconds long. It has been a GREAT way to share a snippet about me and people are really getting to know who I really am!

How To Create and Manage A Facebook List

Want to know about some really cool ways to use a Facebook List?  Check out the video below and add this to your marketing strategy!

How To Block Those Pesky Games Requests On Facebook (Tutorial)

HOW TO BLOCK GAMES & APPS REQUESTS ON FACEBOOK: Tired of getting those pesty annoying requests? Well, here are some ways to block those games and apps. If you liked, please leave me a comment!

How To Forward a Domain to YouTube Channel

This is a quick tutorial showing me creating a domain and forwarding it to my youtube channel using GoDaddy.