My first online venture entailed partnering was with a leader who was so recruiting so many new team members, he was just too busy to support me.   I was willing to take massive action and do whatever it took – but being told to “plug into the system” sometimes just may not be enough! 

30 Law of Attraction Tips

In this post, I’m going to list 30 Law of Attraction Tips that I was given by my mentor. I have the list below and also you you can print on a PDF. To print this as a pdf, CLICK HERE.

Marketing Tip: The 5 Most Persuasive Words On The Planet

If you are stuck in a cubicle and never interact with other people, then this is NOT for you. Being a marketing person, I’m always intrigued with all the different ways a mind works. So if you are trying to establish rapport with other people whether it be through face-to-face, blogging, Facebook updates (which is […]