My 30 Days of Gratitude – Using 15 Second Instagram Video

Well….after having a HUGE success with my “90 Days of Truth Challenge”…. I just couldn’t stop! I took a poll and everyone thought I should reveal 30 things I’m grateful for. We are going to be using the Hashtag #attitudeofgratitude

What Does Vegemite Taste Like?

My awesome friend, Anna Krajecic from Australia sent me a shipment of Vegemite today!  She warned me that I need to spread it on a piece of toast very thin, with lots of butter.  Lots of butter?

I Was Walking My Neighbor’s Dog Yesterday And…

Don’t be fooled by such an enticing title!…. (smile)

(Rant) You Know What Makes Me Sad?

YOU KNOW WHAT MAKES ME SO SAD? Almost exactly one year ago, After trying to figure it out on my own (with NO success)…..I joined a company that taught me a TON of internet marketing skills…but most importantly, I met some rock star people whose eyes were shining bright from the excitement and hope that […]

(Personal Video) I Have A Confession To Make!

I HAVE A CONFESSION TO MAKE: Today, I went for a super duper long bike ride and I was all alone…and you are either going to crack up or roll your eyes for what I’m about to tell you..LOL

The Pile of Garbage & Rat Analogy

Imagine you have a pile of garbage. Now when you have a pile of garbage, it normally attracts a lot of rats! So what do we do? We get rat poison. Once we do that, the rats are certainly gone….but eventually, the rats will come back, because the garbage is still there.

How I Won The Kansas City Marathon (Inspiring Story)

Yes…I ACTUALLY DID  Win The Kansas City Marathon (sorta)… You don’t believe me???? Here is my story… I hope you enjoy it 

How To Change The World

Think you can’t change the world? In this video, I reveal 3 simple strategies that actually work on how to change the world! Please like and leave a comment if this inspires you!

Day 20 – 90 “Days of Truth” Challenge!

In today’s post, I reveal that I’m the neighborbood stray animal food lady! LOL…

Day 19 – 90 “Days of Truth” Challenge!

In today’s post, I reveal that Even though I love Valentine’s Day, the main reason I love Valentine’s is because….