What Are The Best Days To Post On Facebook?

The search for the best day to post on Facebook will get old because brands will always be cautious about timing when it comes to reaching their audience. But to honest with you, there is no ideal day for posting, as so many factors influence the level of engagement the content triggers.

Best Facebook Thumbnail Link Dimensions To Get The Most Of Your Blog Posts

When you post a link to your blog onto your Facebook Page, did you know you can actually have your Thumbnail images appear one of two different ways? See images below.

Are Your Facebook Post Settings Wrong?

  Post by Michelle Grigsby.  Don’t forget…YOU ARE MEANT FOR GREATNESS! Michelle Grigsby Online Marketing Coach     P.S.  Do you want to take your business to the next level?CLICK HERE to get onto my subscriber list and get access to some exclusive trainings. I coach motivated individuals with tools & support to help you succeed. […]

One Simple Strategy To Get More Likes To Your Facebook Fan Page!

Prosperity Tip: How To Get More Likes To Your Fan Page: Are you posting a link to your Fan Page onto your personal Facebook wall so others can go like it? What it does, is it appears on your friends newsfeed. See Image Below:

The Best Way To Use Videos With Facebook

The Best Way To Use Videos With Facebook: WANT MORE EYEBALLS ON YOUR VIDEOS???

WHY You Should Consider Having an Active Facebook Business Page

For the longest time, I have resisted (to even consider the idea) of looking at the  benefits of having a Facebook Business Page seriously.   I only used it for running FB ads and would post things on it only so people would know more about my business if they decided to “browse” my page. […]

Social Proof is in the Pudding!

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How To Imbed a Facebook Post Onto Your Website or Blog

  Okay, I’m going to try this out….here goes!  Click on the image to be taken to the Facebook Post: Post by Michelle Grigsby.   Remember, you are meant for greatness. Cheers! Michelle Grigsby Online Marketing/Attraction Marketing Coach P.S.  Do you use Facebook to connect with prospects? I get all my leads from Facebook and […]

Marketing Tip: How to Establish Relationships using FORM

How to Establish Relationships using FORM – Building Rapport (101) This is something that so many people aren’t doing…and it’s absolutely essential! How to get to know someone, building rapport, using FORM. FORM is something I learned about in the VERY FIRST training video with my primary company. It tells you how to get to know someone and […]

How To Download Facebook Videos onto your Computer (safely).

http://FBDown.net (it’s safe). This is part of a series of training videos to make you a video marketing rock star! If you want access to all the trainings, click here.