FREE Internet Marketing Training Course #1 – Branding, YOU, Inc.

Training #1 – BRANDING YOU, Inc. Something I learned from millionaire internet marketer, Darren Little is a very simple concept: Network Marketing is a people loving business! Alot of people thing it’s a sales model – it not!  It’s a RELATIONSHIP model. In This Training: In this training, we discuss that the BEST way to […]

How To Stop Notifications On Facebook (Tutorial)

Tired of getting Notifications every time someone posts in one of your Facebook Groups that you are part of? Here’s a quick way to pick and choose which posts you want to receive notifications on! (If you found this of value – I’m going to start offering FREE Internet Marketing Trainings – contact me to […]

How To Turn Off Facebook Notification Sounds

Are you a little annoyed with the sounds that come with notifications every time someone likes or comments on a post?  Here is a quick way to turn that off.  

Statistics: Mobile Phone Usage 2014

I’ve noticed so many people are messaging me on their mobiles now…how about you? How often are you using your mobile as opposed to your laptop or desktop?

How To Increase Your Facebook Engagement [Infographic]

While everyone is focusing on the changes Facebook is making, instead of focusing on the changes, follow this easy strategy and you WILL increase likes, comments, shares, and engagement FAST! Try it yourself! Many people have claimed an average increase of 120% in less than a week!

Free Trial (Limited Time) To Our Internet Marketing & Social Media Trainings and Support Group!

  Want access to some amazing marketing techniques? These methods have taken my online business to the next level. ► ► If you look at my wall…you will see I’m getting interaction. ► ► If you look at my fan page… you will see I’m getting engagement. ► ► If you look at my blog […]

How To Send a Voice Message on Facebook

Want to see a really cool FREE Marketing Facebook tool? This is a quick tutorial on how to send a voice message on Facebook! A couple weeks ago, I was checking my messages in Facebook and I’m not going to lie…one message stood out above the rest! It was a RECORDED VOICE MESSAGE.   And […]

How To Create and Manage A Facebook List

Want to know about some really cool ways to use a Facebook List?  Check out the video below and add this to your marketing strategy!

How To Block Those Pesky Games Requests On Facebook (Tutorial)

HOW TO BLOCK GAMES & APPS REQUESTS ON FACEBOOK: Tired of getting those pesty annoying requests? Well, here are some ways to block those games and apps. If you liked, please leave me a comment!

Attraction Marketing Tip – How To Be Authentic

Do you know What Kind of Person You Are Looking To Attract Into Your Business? Here is an attraction marketing tip for you to think about when you are doing video marketing or just presenting yourself to the social media platforms.