WHY I Work On Daily Mindset

MINDSET + SKILLSET x PERFOMANCE = RESULTS “You can never outperform your mindset” What does that mean? That means no matter how many “systems” you are using, “daily action plans” you are performing, “webinars” you are attending, “coaching” you are receiving, all the “how-to’s” you are given(“how to” generate leads, “how to” get sales, “how […]

Marketing Tip: How to Establish Relationships using FORM

How to Establish Relationships using FORM – Building Rapport (101) This is something that so many people aren’t doing…and it’s absolutely essential! How to get to know someone, building rapport, using FORM. FORM is something I learned about in the VERY FIRST training video with my primary company. It tells you how to get to know someone and […]

Cool Gadgets and Books | Look What I Found!

The other day I had some appointments in Overland Park, KS and I noticed a Half Price bookshop… I ran in to see what books they had and I scored!   I’m so thrilled because I love to share inspirational tales so this is supplying me tons of excellent material! Additionally, I want to present […]

Xeeme [Help You Succeed Tool]

Used correctly a Xeeme profile will enable thousands and possibly tens of thousands of visits to your social presences each year. Xeeme is connected with around 200 social networks and you can display a hyperlink to these and a comment on your Xeeme profile.   What is Xeeme? Sometimes there are things which you are […]