How To Increase Your Facebook Engagement [Infographic]

While everyone is focusing on the changes Facebook is making, instead of focusing on the changes, follow this easy strategy and you WILL increase likes, comments, shares, and engagement FAST! Try it yourself! Many people have claimed an average increase of 120% in less than a week!

Images for Attraction Marketing in Network Marketing & Generic

Here are some amazing images you can use in your attraction marketing! Feel free to swipe the images (simply right click on the image and save to your computer).  I have also included what I said when I posted the images in my social media accounts….feel free to use that too!  

Free Trial (Limited Time) To Our Internet Marketing & Social Media Trainings and Support Group!

  Want access to some amazing marketing techniques? These methods have taken my online business to the next level. ► ► If you look at my wall…you will see I’m getting interaction. ► ► If you look at my fan page… you will see I’m getting engagement. ► ► If you look at my blog […]

How To Send a Voice Message on Facebook

Want to see a really cool FREE Marketing Facebook tool? This is a quick tutorial on how to send a voice message on Facebook! A couple weeks ago, I was checking my messages in Facebook and I’m not going to lie…one message stood out above the rest! It was a RECORDED VOICE MESSAGE.   And […]

HUMUNGO Prosperity Tip: How to Get more Free YouTube Subscribers!

Most internet marketers would agree…. that most successful website & web entrepreneurs use VIDEO as their primary vehicle for delivering content & engaging with their customer base. Here is an amazingly simple tip to get your more free YouTube subscribers.  Snippet is below the video:    Don’t forget…YOU ARE MEANT FOR GREATNESS! Michelle […]

How To Get Started Online

How To Get Started Online You know, the World Wide Web is a big place! And many people don’t know where to start… So… in this video, I share with you what has personally helped ME to succeed with my online business (don’t worry, it’s free).  ♥

How To Download Your 15 Second Video From Instagram to PC and MORE!!!

This is a tutorial on How to Download a video from Instagram on the Computer, upload it to YouTube, and add it to a Playlist…and then I show you how to share that video inside a playlist to give you maximum exposure! What prompted me to do this tutorial? Well, this “90 Days of Truth” […]

How To Create and Manage A Facebook List

Want to know about some really cool ways to use a Facebook List?  Check out the video below and add this to your marketing strategy!

Best Facebook Thumbnail Link Dimensions To Get The Most Of Your Blog Posts

When you post a link to your blog onto your Facebook Page, did you know you can actually have your Thumbnail images appear one of two different ways? See images below.


My first online venture entailed partnering was with a leader who was so recruiting so many new team members, he was just too busy to support me.   I was willing to take massive action and do whatever it took – but being told to “plug into the system” sometimes just may not be enough!