BAD NEWS For Spammers

Curious Why nobody is responding to your posts? In this very short post, I explain what your prospects are really wanting…and are desperately looking for!

Two Frogs In Milk – Words of Encouragement

Here is a quick story about 2 frogs that fell into a vat of milk. I hope this inspires you to continuously take action and always be encouraged to never stop! 

My 30 Days of Gratitude – Using 15 Second Instagram Video

Well….after having a HUGE success with my “90 Days of Truth Challenge”…. I just couldn’t stop! I took a poll and everyone thought I should reveal 30 things I’m grateful for. We are going to be using the Hashtag #attitudeofgratitude

Daily Motivator: The Power of One Little Word

Here is The Daily Motivator: Loading the player …     Want to become a Rock Star with your Company & learn the latest techniques on how to find tons of leads, learn how to properly engage with your prospects, and close them into your business?  To learn more about my training company, CLICK HERE! ♥ EMAIL: ♥ […]

FREE Internet Marketing Training Course #1 – Branding, YOU, Inc.

Training #1 – BRANDING YOU, Inc. Something I learned from millionaire internet marketer, Darren Little is a very simple concept: Network Marketing is a people loving business! Alot of people thing it’s a sales model – it not!  It’s a RELATIONSHIP model. In This Training: In this training, we discuss that the BEST way to […]

What Does Vegemite Taste Like?

My awesome friend, Anna Krajecic from Australia sent me a shipment of Vegemite today!  She warned me that I need to spread it on a piece of toast very thin, with lots of butter.  Lots of butter?

I Was Walking My Neighbor’s Dog Yesterday And…

Don’t be fooled by such an enticing title!…. (smile)

What is The Legend Network? Sunday Night Hangout!

Click Here to watch the hangout at 8pm EST!


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How To Stop Notifications On Facebook (Tutorial)

Tired of getting Notifications every time someone posts in one of your Facebook Groups that you are part of? Here’s a quick way to pick and choose which posts you want to receive notifications on! (If you found this of value – I’m going to start offering FREE Internet Marketing Trainings – contact me to […]