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Best Times to Send Emails | Best Days to Send Emails

As you can assume, email marketing is ESSENTIAL in building an online business.

It takes an average of at least 8 contacts before a prospect chooses to buy or do business with you.

Email marketing is an inexpensive and an extremely effective way to communicate with your prospects.

1.  It’s affordable

2.  You can be personal – great way to brand yourself

3.  It’s a great way to establish a relationship

4.  It’s simple and quick

5.  It’s a great way to get your prospects to buy.

6.  You can measure your results.

7.  It’s popular and effective than social media.

8.  Mobile – more people are using their mobile phone to open emails than web browsing or social media.

So when are the best times to send emails?

GetResponse analyzed over 21 million emails sent by its clients in early 2012. Among its findings:

  • 23.63 percent of all emails were opened within the first hour.  After that, the percentage drastically declines.
  • The hours they saw the most “opens” were between 8am – 9am and 3pm – 4pm.

The chart below is the result of analysis done by MailChimp (who sends more than 50 million email per day), more people open email during the day than at night (analysis of over a billion emails).

As you can see in the MailChimp chart below, open rates peak in the afternoon and trail off in the evening:


When are the best days to send an email?


The day of the week when you send your emails is also important. Email opens tend to peak Tuesday through Thursday and then trail off.

How Many Links Should I Put in an Email?

More links lead to more clicks. Placing a particular link in your content more than once may increase the number of clicks for that link.

how many links should i put in an email


Here is an analysis by the email marketing provider GetResponse that researched almost 21 million emails sent from the U.S. in first quarter of 2012:


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