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Best Facebook Thumbnail Link Dimensions To Get The Most Of Your Blog Posts

When you post a link to your blog onto your Facebook Page, did you know you can actually have your Thumbnail images appear one of two different ways? See images below.

Both are IMAGES linking to a blog post on my website,

Example 1:


Example 2:


Since you have a 160% greater chance of getting engagement when you are using larger images, which size thumbnail would you rather use?

Definitely the first one, right?

Well, did you know that all you need to do is perform a small “tweak” to your image’s aspect ratio  and voila!


 Did I mention this is a big deal?

Following is an overview of dimensions and text guidelines and limitations associated with Desktop News Feed, Mobile and Sidebar ads for link shares.

[Note: Much of this was pulled from Facebook’s latest update to their Ads and Sponsored Stories Guide.]

1.91:1 Aspect Ratio

This is the main thing you need to know. The width of your image needs to be 1.91 times the height. When this is the case, it will scale nicely across Desktop News Feed, Mobile and Sidebar.

That’s the biggest change here, beyond the larger size for News Feed and Mobile. The aspect ratio is now consistent, no matter where you see the image.

Facebook recommends a pretty ridiculous 1200×627 pixel image. In most cases, unless you have a high definition image, this won’t be possible.

So your main goal should be an image that fits the largest dimensions possible. In this case, it’s mobile

If you click on the image, it is at 1200 x 627 and here is how it appears on my wall.

IMPORTANT TIP:  Make sure the image you want to use is also saved as the “Featured Image”

This only works on Facebook Fan Pages – If you post a link on your personal profile, it will still appear with the smaller thumnail.  The best way around that, is to upload the image to your wall and put a link in the description.



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