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30 Law of Attraction Tips

30 law of attraction tips

In this post, I’m going to list 30 Law of Attraction Tips that I was given by my mentor.

I have the list below and also you you can print on a PDF.

To print this as a pdf, CLICK HERE.

1.  Do not copy your competitors (be unique – stand out!)

2.  Be SUPER FOCUSED on the customer experience, as every touch point of doing business with you is an opportunity to create a raving fan (what’s that saying? It takes months to gain a customer…second to lose one? Same applies to us!)

3.  If you are in business, you are in show business.  Every minute your performance is being judged.  Give a world class performance everyday.

4.  To get stunning results, aim for micro improvements daily.  In the end, it’s the small changes collectively that make a big difference.

5.  No matter what your position is, everyone works in human resources and marketing.

6.  It can take 20 years to build an incredible reputation and 20 seconds of stupity to lose it.  Don’t think dumb, don’t do dumb.

7.  Right this minute, your prospect is watching you.  They’re watching you ALL THE TIME.

8.  Build brand equity.  In yourself.  EVERYTHING you do is building or destroying your brand.

9.  Change the story you carry with you from self-limiting to positive and empowering.

10.  Use lists.  Write them down.  Check them off.

11.  The fastest way to double your income is to double your rate of learning.  Listen to audio books.

12.  Stay clear of talk back radio.

13.  Look after your team and they will take care of your prospects.

14.  Risks are far less scarier once you take them.

15.  Do not care too much about what other people think of you.  Care far more of what you think of you.

16.  Do not work for work.  Work for results.

17.  Crucial conversations drive you forward.  Avoiding these conversations drive you back.

18.  Critical behaviors are highly average actions that give massive results.  Think 80/20. That’s right 20% of your activities will give you 80% of your results.

19.  Be up by 5am.

20.  Go to bed by 10pm.  There is nothing useful you can do from 10pm to midnight apart from become world class at Facebook.

21.  The people who gossip about others when they are not around are the same people who will gossip about you when you are not around.

22.  Do yoga and meditation.  With better awareness, you’ll make a better decision which will lead to better actions, which will lead to better results.  It all starts with your thinking.

23.  Learn 3 new things a day.  That’s a 1000 a year.

24.  Don’t tear people around you down.  See the best in people and remind them.

25.  Live every day as if it’s your last.  One day you will get it right.

26.  The biggest cause of procrastination is perfection.  JDI = Just Do It.

27.  Be who you want to be.

28.  It’s so easy to say nice things to people.  Why not do it more often?

29.  Have a clear 30 second “elevator speech” about what seperates you from your competitors.  Say it with passion.

30.  Never forget you have complete control as to how you interpret a situation and what your response to that situation is.


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  1. Love it! Am I allowed to swipe this, Michelle?

  2. Excellent tips Michelle.  Many on here I need to remind myself of everyday.  Thanks for creating this.  I will be using it as a point of reference.  Cheers!

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