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My 30 Days of Gratitude – Using 15 Second Instagram Video

Well….after having a HUGE success with my “90 Days of Truth Challenge”…. I just couldn’t stop!

I took a poll and everyone thought I should reveal 30 things I’m grateful for.

We are going to be using the Hashtag #attitudeofgratitude


#1) I’m grateful for my hubby.


#2)  I’m grateful for this amazing midwestern spring weather

#3) I’m grateful for my amazing bed!


#4)  I’m grateful for the amazing missionaries of my church who sacrifice 18 mos – 2 years!


#5) I’m Grateful for my health


#6)  I’m grateful for my fur baby


#7)  I’m grateful that I can sleep in!


#8)  I’m grateful that I can hear


#9)  I’m grateful for my vacuum cleaner, “Big Momma”  :)


#10)  I’m grateful for the opportunity to host a training for our whole team!


#11)  I’m grateful for my awesome team!


#12)  I’m grateful for whoever invented air conditioning!


#13)  I’m grateful for MO TAB and probably the most famous song in the world….


#14)  I’m grateful for my online business that allows me both the TIME & INCOME to help my mom acquire home health care assistance…




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